Doctors Digital Marketing
Doctors Digital Marketing

Doctors Digital Marketing - 20 Trending Tips & Suggestions to grow your practice online

Digital  Marketing is essential for doctors  to remain available on Google Search Engine. How you feel if your patients said “Doctor i found you on Google” , Its a Magical words by patients for doctors . Offline Practice took too much time to reach patients and each doctors has to depend on referral partners for long period of time until their own practice increases.  In Online Marketing you don’t have to share your fees / profit with any one and your patients will be your own patients and will stay with you for long time. This valuable and important 20+ Doctors digital Marketing  tips will help you rank your hospital on the first page of the Google as per Healthcare Marketing Consultant Mr. Kaushal Pandey.

Online Marketing for doctors  is the best option for doctors or any  Hospital or Healthcare Professionals  to promote their service online in the market. It helps doctors  to reach  their patients online and get in touch with them .

Digital Marketing for Doctor also help to reach new patients  who are searching about your service on Google related to their health services. Through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads its easy to generate more patients for hospital and also increase your reach to more number of patients by sitting at your clinic.

In this article ,  will discuss  marketing strategies for doctors , here we are sharing you 20+ marketing tips for doctors which will defiantly help you to increase your practice if you follow it very well.  Benefit of Digital Marketing for Doctors  will help making strong online presence as well as in generating online patients leads and increasing online practice. 

Marketing Strategies for Doctors

1.Patients search doctor on Google before reaching them. So you should have online presence on website and on other Doctors profile sites.

Today, number of Smartphone users are rapidly increasing in India day by day due to easy availability of affordable internet facilities & smart phones. So, many people are searching online through their Smartphone’s to get information about needed product or services before actual buying. This principle also apply for doctors. Today’s generation search information about best Doctor in their locality before visiting clinic , this help doctors online marketing , and promotion. Hence every doctor must have strong online presence. Creating best website and establishing perfect profile on DSS sites is very necessary to increase popularity in society.  Doctors Online Branding helps doctor in getting their practice online and patients also find the doctor when they search on Google.

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2.Should have mobile friendly Website with all relevant information and appointment booking feature, integration to social media.

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Every doctor or  hospital should have mobile friendly website because today most of the people visit website through their mobile. If website is not compatible with mobile then people cannot get required information which can impact the business. People also book appointment online hence ‘Online Appointment Booking’ feature must be included in website. And one important point is that website must have all relevant information of Doctor such as Doctor’s specialty, medical services provided by doctor, address of clinic or hospital, timings of clinic and educational information about doctor. These information is very essential to get maximum patients reach.

3.Create Google Business account; update Google business account with relevant images and details. Encourage your patients to give reviews.

Google Business is the biggest platforms to get online Appointments and its  FREE, only you have to rank your Google Map in first  three of Google Search Engine.  Google My Business account is an extremely helpful to achieve growth in the business. Google My Business allows our business to appear in maps and local listing. Every doctor should create their Google my business account. It is easy and free to use. We can also add clinic photos, address, services, timings, contact number and location of clinic or hospital. Patients can also send message or call or appointment. Doctors can add their educational or patients testimonial videos in Google business. The most interesting part of Google business is that we can encourage patients to write a review about services which received. 

A good review has a very positive impact on any business. Google business helps doctors or hospitals to generate online patients, this helps online reach and Hospital Digital Marketing Kaushal Pandey.

4.Creating your profile on all Doctors search engine websites like Practo, Lybrate, Sehat etc.

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Doctors Search Engine Sites like Practo, Lybrate, Sehat, Credihealth & others are extremely helpful to get maximum patients reach, it also make your presence on Google. These sites are very popular in India. Creating accurate doctors profile on these sites will definitely increase business reach. We can add photos, services, fees, address of clinic and educational details. People can also book online appointment by using these sites. Hence every doctor should create a good profile on doctors search engine sites. Doctors Search Engine Sites are also offering an online doctor consultation service where patients can directly talk to specialists across many specialties.  Most of this sites are FREE and Paid, so you can avail Paid service according to your budget.

5.Create your profile on all Business listings sites like Justdial, Sulekha etc.

Creating Doctors  strong, accurate profile on business listing sites like Justdial, Sulekha & other are surely helpful to increase business reach. Local Search engine provides local search related services to users. We can add various necessary information like services provided, location of clinic, timings of clinic, address, contact number and photos. These information is very useful for patient to contact relevant doctor. Patients can also give feedback or reviews about services received which can further increase popularity, transparency and trust among people. Creating profile on business sites increases your online presence on Google as well as also generate leads. Most of this sites are FREE and Paid, so you can avail Paid service according to your budget, this is the best hospital marketing strategy.

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6.Create your profile on active social media sites like Facebook Instagram, YouTube etc.

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Creating Doctors profile on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube is very necessary to achieve desired popularity and to increase business reach. Social media is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods mainly use to increase your business visibility. In today’s era, every doctor should have a strong profile on social media sites. Creating profile on social media sites have lots of benefits such as increase in brand awareness, more traffic to our website, improvement in search engine ranking, more conversion rates, better patient’s satisfaction, cost effective marketing and good business loyalty. With the help of social media, doctors can keep contact with patients or followers. They can easily advise people or create awareness among people in society about diseases & precautions. 

Social media is the most effective and result oriented medium to get maximum patients reach and business growth. Social Media Marketing helps Doctors Social Media Marketing , Branding and Awareness. This social media paid ads , google ads for doctors  you can boost your service in your locations and help you to boost your Hospital Digital Marketing.

7.Start writing blogs, new generation love to read.

Today’s generation prefer to read blogs instead of books and Patients read too much about disease if he suffered, Hence there is a tremendous opportunity for doctors to increase business reach by Content writing for Healthcare  blogs. People generally like to read blogs based on current medical situation. Doctors can also create awareness in the society by publishing blogs on blogger sites. People can ask doubts, queries to doctor after reading blogs. In this way, doctors can do communication with the people thus finally building trust between society and doctor. Writing blogs regularly is very important for business point of view also. Blogging has various benefits such as blogs help to boost search engine optimization, it develops relationship with potential & existing customers, generates leads and connect people with our brand.

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8.Start creating 8-10 min videos on your service / niche topics, people love to watch videos on certain disease. More value video will get more viral.

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Doctors can create videos related to current medical situation. People always like to watch video related to current topics. Doctor can create awareness in the society by publishing videos and video marketing for doctors , asking people to take necessary precautions. This kind of activity increases trust between doctor and people. There are lots of chances that video can go viral which ultimately increase brand popularity. Regular publishing videos is also helpful to get higher ranking in google search engine results & increase more traffic to website, this will hep you to decide healthcare marketing strategy. Patient’s testimonial videos are very helpful for other patients suffering from same diseases.

9.Shoot patients testimonial videos and upload on website and social media sites.

In Offline Marketing Patients tell his successful stories to 4 other Patient’s but in his uploaded video on Facebook or youtube his success story reaches to  thousands of people.  Testimonial videos are extremely helpful to increase trust between patients and doctor. It is advisable for doctors that they should shoot patient testimonial video after performing surgery or treatment. Testimonial video has a positive impact on other patients. Testimonial Video is very powerful act for converting user in patient.   In testimonial video, patient shares their views about doctor, treatment received, other staff and facilities available at clinic or hospital. These factors are helpful to build a trust between doctor and society.

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 Doctors can upload patient’s testimonial video on website, social media sites and video sites which further help to increase brand awareness and Google ranking.  This testimonial video should not be more then 2-3 Min.

10.Shoot pre and post patients videos or photos and upload on website social media sites.

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Every doctor should shoot pre and post-operated videos or photos of patients which finally provide idea about any treatment to other people suffering from similar diseases. Doctor can also upload these videos and photos on their website and social media sites. Regular posting of such photos and videos can surely help to increase website traffic, patients reach, brand popularity and Google ranking. If you are not surgeon then you can share patients testimonial only.

11.Start taking patients mobile number and start sending them message or WhatsApp about new service or offers or FREE Camp details through software’s, make your patients engage.

Today WhatsApp has become one of the most effective and popular way of marketing products and services. Doctor can also use WhatsApp efficiently to update about their various activities like free health check-up camps, discounts on check-ups, new services available and special offers for elder people. Through WhatsApp, doctor can engage patients about their advanced medical services. WhatsApp is the cost effective way of engaging people with their brand. WhatsApp help doctor to build best mobile customer relationship management and more conversion rate without extra cost.

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12.Encourage your patients to give reviews on Google Business, All Doctors Search Engine sites and Social media sites.

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Patients’ reviews are extremely important to create positive impact. Doctor can encourage patients to give reviews or feedback on Google Business, Practo, Facebook and other doctors search engine sites. The quality and quantity of reviews on Google Business is one of the most important ranking factor for local SEO. When any person search about nearby doctor on google, he/she checks doctor’s reviews which are given by patients. Positive reviews help to increase doctor’s credibility. Positive reviews on Social Media and Doctors Search Engine Sites are also very effective to increase google ranking and build a strong reputation as well as trust.

13.Monitor your reviews closely, especially negative review, contact your patients who gave negative review, ask the reason, try to solve their problems and then request them to change review to positive review.

Patients reviews are playing a magical role now a days , patients judge doctors by their reviews Doctors should always reply to negative reviews of any patients. Monitoring negative reviews regularly is very helpful to avoid bad impact on reputation. If any patient gives negative review then doctor should ask reason for not satisfying about medical services received, doctor must try to solve patient’s problem. After solving patient’s problem, doctor can request patient to change negative review into a positive review.

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14.Use Facebook Live and Google Live platform for the patients education purpose, this will help you for branding.

Doctor can use Facebook Live & Google Live platform to create awareness about any medical diseases. During live sessions, doctor can get opportunity to interact with lots of patients, doctor can solve patient’s queries, doubts about any medical condition through this live sessions or doctor can provide information immediately. Finally this type of activity can surely help for establishing strong popularity and credibility. Facebook Live and Google Live platforms create a good relationship with an Audience and help to establish higher level of engagement with an audience. Live sessions help doctors to reach maximum patients easily hence it is advisable to every doctor that they should regularly use Facebook Live and Google Live sessions for strong branding.

15.Create Google ads and Facebook ads to reach more patients

Google ads and Facebook ads are most effective marketing platform for Doctors to reach more patients within a very shorter time period. Doctor can use Google ads and Facebook ads strategies to create strong branding. Most outstanding benefit of Google ads for doctors  is that it works faster than local SEO. We can also monitor results of google and Facebook ads. Google ads allows doctors to reach out to potential audience based location, it means we can advertise about services locally and globally.

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16.Reply to frequently asked questions every time.

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Many patients or general public frequently ask question to doctors about their medical problems or if they want to know about medical fact. In such case, doctors should not overlook patient’s queries, instead doctors should reply to FAQ. Doctor must explain FAQ’s in detail so that common people can easily understood. This activity can surely help to create brand awareness and brand reputation. Online Reputation is play an very important role for Hospital Digital Marketing.

17.Keeps your patient’s waiting area more informative and educative?

It is a very common scenarios that most of the visitors or patients have to wait to consult doctor at hospital or clinic. In such situation, doctor can display awareness messages related to their medical services. Visitors or patients like to read healthcare related articles. Displaying these kind of educational information in the form of pamphlets, healthcare magazines, banners, PPT on LCD screen in the waiting room or at the reception area can definitely create valuable awareness about diseases or current medical situation. Hence doctor should make patient’s waiting area informative and educative because this is the best place to aware people.

18.Target to your referral partners through Facebook ads and retarget to your patients who always visited your website or Facebook page.

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Retargeting is the effective way to raise brand awareness by keeping our brand at the forefront of patient’s mind. Doctor can target referral partners and can also retarget patients who regularly visit website and Facebook page. As per the experts, retargeted Facebook ads are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads as well as 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted Facebook ads. Hence every doctor should implement strategy of Facebook ads to retarget patients to get maximum patients reach.

19.Invite your local patients to your clinic for FREE Health Camps through Facebook events.

Doctor should invite local patients for FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP camps at clinic through Facebook events. Creating Facebook event is much easier and cost effective. It also saves lots of time as the process for setting up a Facebook event takes only a few minutes. Another major advantage of using Facebook events is that doctors can easily tracks data. Once doctor post the event and invite local patients, they have the option of selecting “Attending,” “Not Attending” or “Maybe”. When patients tell doctor that they are attending or not attending, it makes them easier to arrange Free Health Check-up camps. Hence it is advisable for all doctors that they should use Facebook event option to invite patients and other local public for any event and increase Hospital Digital Marketing.

20.Share your post, blogs, videos , patients testimonials in your local Facebook groups

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Doctors should share blogs, photos and patient’s testimonial videos in their local Facebook groups. Regular sharing of posts in local groups is extremely beneficial as it can reach to large crowd within a very short time period thus increasing brand awareness. Sharing any posts is always more likely to get noticed in the newsfeedof users hence regular sharing posts is very necessary to get brand popularity. Sharing also help to build a strong social relationships with your target audience. So, it is advisable to doctors that they should share posts in local groups.

21.Use the same colour theme in your logo, website, letter head, visiting cards, file and all printing material and online posts.

Every doctor and other professional must use same color theme in logo, website, letter head, visiting card, file, online posts and other printing materials. Because the color scheme has a huge impact on human mind. Color creates ideas, expresses messages, defines goal or purpose of brand and generate certain emotions. Hence one should be very careful while selecting color scheme.

22.Always ask your patients how they find you; this will help you to target ads campaigns.

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When any patient visit a clinic or hospital, doctor should ask patient about reference because this is very useful information to decide location strategy while targeting ads campaigns. Reference can be a doctor’s name, advertisement in newspaper, friend’s referral and others. Taking reference name from patients can give a clear idea about marketing results to a doctor, finally all data will help to decide an effective marketing strategy. Google ads and Facebook ads can work effectively if location is perfect.

23.Use WhatsApp and text message marketing to engage your local doctors / referrals

Keep engaging your referral partner and your patients through sms, whatsapp, popup, free camps, birthday wish, festival wish , don’t let them forget you.  WhatsApp is one of the most influential social media marketing platform.  Doctor should use WhatsApp to send text messages such as Health Camp messages, reminder about next appointment date etc. Through this medium, doctor can engage patients and other people effectively. Regular updating society through WhatsApp can surely help to increase brand awareness. Doctors can also send many messages to lots of people at the same time thus it saves doctor’s valuable time. WhatsApp is also one of the most affordable communication medium for keeping better engagement with the society. Hence every doctor should use WhatsApp for maximum patients reach and brand popularity.

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So After considering this 20 tips , you must learned  how to market to doctors  , and this is the ways doctors can boost their online practice and get more online patients. 

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