Video Marketing And Branding

Video Marketing And Branding

Video marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing. Video is one of the most influential tools for engaging viewers. As per the reports, viewers spend around 5.5 hours watching videos everyday on average. YouTube is the big hub for videos. Millions of people are watching videos on YouTube every day and in coming year online video will attract more than 80% of all traffic. Video marketing is very essential for branding.

Video marketing is useful for everything from building customer rapport to promoting brand, services or products. Additionally video marketing is used as a medium to promote customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver viral (entertaining) content.

HOPELAND ONLINE creates and shares authentic patient’s testimonials video, doctor’s awareness videos on various diseases and animated surgical videos for better understanding.

Why video marketing is necessary?

Video marketing increases conversion rate and sales rapidly. Vision is the most dominant sense of human. So that Videos can boost engagement massively.

Video shows great ROI (Return in investment). Today Video is easily made by using Smartphone.

Video is helpful to build back links to sites, boosting likes and sharing. All these tasks drive traffic to website.

Video Marketing is the best trust building medium between the seller and buyer. Viewers can see genuine testimonials hence video act as a bridge between patient and doctor.

In this way, Video marketing is an essential part of Digital Marketing.