Digital Healthcare Marketing: A paradigm shift in the industry

With the rise of internet use, everyone is relying on it to get answer to their health-related investigation. Thus, healthcare practices need to have strong online presence to match the changing trend and offer customers what they need.

For healthcare professionals, the competition now is not between traditional marketing and digital marketing; it is between various digital marketing mediums.

The healthcare industry marketing is going through a digital a transformation. Unlike earlier, patients are more involved in their care than ever before. Earlier, majorly the healthcare providers were making major key decisions. In the current age; patients also have an important role in decision-making. The fast changing dynamics of the healthcare industry focus on timely delivery of information to patients is crucial, for which digital medium has no match.


The digital mediums are revolutionizing the marketing industry. People are ever more using digital mediums to obtain health-related information and take decisions. Digital technologies including mobile apps, websites and social media, have changed how patients manage their own health in this age. As per Healthcare Marketing Consultant Mr. Kaushal Pandey These Digital technologies detail analysis and accurate information. Doctors can make use of these digital mediums to grow the patient base, educate about various illnesses, improving awareness and communication. Digital mediums have proved to enhance patient engagement and retention.

Since, marketing is not the specialty of most healthcare professionals, understanding and adapting the internet and digital marketing does not come easy to them. With the competition reaching extraordinary levels, there is no better time than now to turn to online marketing.

  • Digital mediums offer many opportunities to physicians and medical facilities than traditional marketing
  • Digital Marketing is not only effective, but also economical
  • Digital Marketing for Doctors makes it effortless to reach the target audience and market practice to right customers
  • Patients are more likely to seek care from a physician with a positive online reputation

In today’s age, there is little doubt that a medical paradigm shift is happening irrespective of whether one wanted it to happen or not. The healthcare professional it is now an urgent need to develop a strategy that provides convenient and cost-efficient Digital marketing as Kaushal Pandey.